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Our Services and Products

We deliver a broad range of services and products that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business. Have a look at the services and products we offer below. Contact us to find out more about our products offering and pricing. 

ICT Outsourcing and Management

Let us take over your ICT environment, and manage it for you. You know and understand your core business, while we understand and know ICT. Whether you need us to supply Contact us to find out more about our product offering and pricing. you with on-site engineers, or appoint senior engineers to manage and lead your existing ICT staff, we can facilitate. Contact us, by clicking here, and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your requirements and how we can make IT better for you.

Monthly SLA Support Contracts

When you do not have permanently employed ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) staff, the next best option is SLA (Service Level Agreement) contracts. This ensures that we maintain and manage your ICT environment, at a fraction of the price of employing a full time ICT resource. Our engineers schedule regular on-site visits to assist users while our back office engineers constantly monitor your network, servers and daily, weekly and monthly backups.

ICT Consulting Services and Projects

We also do consulting and projects. Perhaps your current ICT team needs guidance rolling out new technologies, or they cannot resolve a critical issue. our team of engineers are available to assist with projects or troubleshooting.

Network, Server and End-User Support

Our engineers are skilled and experienced in a wide variety of products and technologies. This allows us to support our clients in every aspect of ICT, all the way from Servers and network devices, to user desktops and mobile devices. With hourly rates of R400, can you afford not to call us to make IT better for you?

Web Hosting and Connectivity Solutions

Whether you want to host your website, need a reliable connection to the internet, or need to host your emails, we can assist you with the best solution for your business. Contact us to find out more about our products offering and pricing.

PBX, Cloud PBX and Backup Solutions

No one can operate without a reliable phone system. Whether you are looking for a conventional Astrix PBX solution, or want to host your PBX in the cloud, we can assist.

Also, your data is critical. If you lose your financial data, you could potentially close your business. Why not contact us to come and have a look at your current backup strategy to ensure that it is the right solution for you. Contact us to find out more about our products offering and pricing. 

Network Cabling and Infrastructure

Without a reliable network infrastructure, your network will not function. If your network is not functioning efficiently, then your organization will not operate efficiently. Whether you are looking for CAT 5 or 6 cabling, or a reliable WiFi solution, we can assist your organization.

Custom CRM Solutions

Most Sales departments cannot operate without an effective and proper CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. But with the high costs associated with "of the shelf" systems, what options are available to you? Contact us to find out about low cost, scalable CRM solutions that can be customized to address your requirements, making sure your sales team have all the tools they need to take your business to the next level.

Hardware and Software Sales

Our various relationships with reputable and proven suppliers allow us to supply our clients with a wide variety of ICT products and services. Whether it is the latest financial software package or the latest server hardware, we can assist you. Contact us to find out more about our products offering and pricing. 

Brands and Services we can supply or support: